Kindergarten Book Week Bunting


Book Week Shortlist 2016

Four Kindergarten classes visit the Library each week, we share a story and the children have time to browse, borrow and enjoy the books. During Term 3 the classes were introduced to Children’s Book Week and the six Shortlist books.

Early Childhood Shortlist

Early Childhood Shortlist

Over the weeks a book was read and we focused on the main character. All children voted for their favourite book and then the Bunting activity started. As the visits were tight for time the activity was broken into three parts: draw main character from one of the books with lead pencil; using coloured texta outline the character; using coloured pencil colour the background. The pieces were then grouped into six and ribbon was taped to the back to join, they were the ready to hang. As there are almost 100 Kindergarten students the Bunting was long and very eye catching. The children are proud of their work and I am trilled to have a wonderful display for the Library.


Book Week Shortlist 2016


Kindergarten Bunting display

NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Outcomes and Content:

Reading and Viewing 1

A student: demonstrates developing skills and strategies to read, view and comprehend short, predictable texts on familiar topics in different media and technologies ENe-4A

Content: Develop and apply contextual knowledge

Identify and compare similar ideas, characters and settings in texts.

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