Book Week 2016 – Early Childhood Shortlist Books

Book Week Suitcase

Book Week 2016 Suitcase Australia! Story Country

Looking forward to using this special suitcase to lock away the Early Childhood Shortlist books for K-2 classes. Each time the case opens a new book to read. A big thanks to my partner who sourced the case for me, I only had to say ‘I wish I had an old suitcase to use for Book Week’ and my wish was granted 2 days later – excellent!

Book Week Book Case open

Look Inside!

Getting ready for Children’s Book Week 2016

Australia! Story Country

I have been busy planning lessons and activities to explore the shortlist books and celebrate Children’s Book Week in the coming weeks of Term 3.

As a starting point a display has been created to engage students as they enter the Library, it was not hard to find stimulating illustrations from picture books that connected with the theme Australia! Story Country. The focus here is about the land and and vast spaces, the collection of books and stories fill the Library – they are tucked away on the Library shelves ready to be discovered.

Australia Story Country



The BFG book promotion

Looking forward to the start of Term 3, ready to go with the new BFG display. Amazing to find a type writer hidden in a beautiful old box in a Library cupboard. So glad for my book shop visit and finding The BFG soft toy. Good to get out the B, F and G volume of the World Book Encyclopedia that has been sitting in a box for too long. Had fun with glitter and sparkle pom poms! BFG books ready for loan.

BFG Display




Getting back on track

Dog Loves Books

From ‘Dog Loves Books’ by Louise Yates

It has been some time since my last post, a lot has happened since late 2014!

At the start of 2015, I started at a new school, it was a big change for me moving from teaching Grades 3-6 to K-6, and classes per week from 10 to 26! It was such a busy start to the year, I had many things I wanted to add to School Library Owl but I just could not find the time. In late Term 3, 2015 I was diagnosed with an illness which required me to undergo surgery and several months of treatment – I am at the other end now and ready to get myself back on track, catch up from where I was and see where things lead.

Term 3, 2016 I am back to full time work and now teaching Grades K-5, 23 classes per week.

Reflecting on changing schools – well it was a shock to the system at first but I learnt more and did more in a term that I would have done in a year if I did not make the change. I highly regard the role of a Teacher Librarian and the impact they can make at a school and to a child’s learning experiences. After many sleepless nights, confusion about my path ahead and worry about everything under the sun, I feel I have moved on and am ready to leap ahead and make a difference.