K-6 Library Review 2017

As the final days of the school year wrap up it is great to look back and reflect.  It has been a busy but productive year, and we have worked tirelessly in the past weeks revamping the library collection, reorganising shelving and running a stocktake of the fiction books – it will be a fresh start next year!

I would like to acknowledge and thank the support and commitment of the library team and teacher librarian who taught the Year 6 classes.

The review is a snapshot of teaching and learning, special events, loans, resource use and top books loaned. What worked well, what requires change and improvement is in mind, but rest first is required.

Click the link to open the full review K-6 library review 2017

PS I used www.canva.com to create the Infographic.


  1. Wow, what a year you’ve had! Love your infographic and what you included, I should make one for 2017 also. I never thought of finding the most popular books for each year group, a great idea.


    1. School Library Owl 21/01/2018 at 12:45 pm

      Thanks Fiona for your feedback, it was a busy year. The popular book report for K-6 just did not seem right, as there are around 100 students per grade it worked well doing the individual reports. I highly recommend checking out Canva as there are great templates ready to use. All the best for the school year ahead!


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