K-2 Voted for their favourite shortlist book

K-2 Votes

K-2 Votes for their favourite CBCA Shortlist Book

Over the past five weeks I have read one of the CBCA Early Childhood Shortlist books to classes in K-2. The excitement increased as the weeks moved on and a new story was shared. I loved watching the children’s expressions when I took out the next book from the Story Suitcase that was carried around the Library and down some very long corridors for lessons in classrooms. Early on I explained to the classes that when we have finished all the books everyone will be able to vote for their favourite book and we will learn what book becomes the Book of the Year and which books are special at our school. A student commented that ‘Book Week is like the Olympics for books as the books get a Gold, Silver or Bronze award’ this is true and the children related well to this observation. It quickly became obvious which book was the favourite at school and the children made many comments on the number of stars Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas received.

All classes K-2 will be doing creative activities for the shortlist books. I am sure that the experiences and memories will stay with the children as we have devoted time and attention to an amazing selection of Australian picture books.

Story Suitcase

Story Suitcase

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