Year 1 Book Week – Step Inside the Character

Book Week Voting Chart

Book Week Voting Chart

From the start of Term 3, Year 1 has had one of the Early Childhood Picture Books read to them during their Library lesson. As a class group we have been thinking about the main character in each book and doing the Thinking Routine Step Inside – what does the main character see, what does the main character know, what does the main character care about? Once the six books have been read each student will vote for their favourite book by placing a star on the Years K-2 Book Week voting chart.

For the activity, each student will choose a favourite main character from one of the books and illustrate them using a crayon resist art technique. Reflecting on the Step Inside activity students will also write about the character. Art work will be displayed for all to enjoy.

For more about The Step Inside: Perceive, Know about, Care about routine visit Visible Thinking.

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