Primary Research Project

Primary Research ProjectGrade 6 recently participated in the Primary Research Project.The Project consists of 40 multiple choice questions covering a range of topics in the Australian Curriculum English, Maths, History and Geography. Students are encouraged to use a range of resources including dictionaries, atlases, reading graphs and articles within the Project and a wide range of online searches are required. Many questions have multiple steps to prove the correct answer. The Project runs for two weeks and students have a maximum of four hours to complete. The cost was $6 p/student, students are registered and all answers are submitted online. Students receive a graded certificate on completion of the Primary Research Project.

During the Project I asked students their thoughts, they replied:

  • I liked that I was able to use resources
  • it helped me with research
  • it is fun
  • some questions were hard
  • improved my understanding of how to search and read information for quick facts
  • interesting learning about different things, diverse questions
  • interesting questions
  • good for general knowledge
  • took a long time
  • quick fact finding, I did not need to go into detail

For more information visit: Giant Classroom – The Primary Research Project

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