Isabella’s Garden – alliteration and personification ready to explore

Isabella’s Garden by Glenda Millard and illustrated by Rebecca Cool was a superb read for Grade 4. A book that covers life cycles, gardens and seasons linked in well with the current study of plants.

Isabella's GardenAt the end of the story the students were prompted to look for examples of alliteration. They were then introduced to personification and examples were located promptly. To assist doing this with the whole class as a quick activity a sample page of Isabella’s Garden was taken with an iPad camera, the image was then imported into the Stage App which allowed the students to underline examples of alliteration and personification for the class to view on the IWB. Use of the technology allowed for extension and new learning in a tight time frame. Below is what one of the Grade 4 classes found!

Alliteration and Personification

Premier’s Reading Challenge 3-4 Book.

NSW Syllabus Outcomes for AC – English:

EN2-1A Speaking and Listening 1 – Respond to texts

  • respond appropriately to the reading of texts to demonstrate enjoyment and pleasure

EN2-8B Reading and Viewing 2 – understand and apply knowledge of language forms and features

  • identify the ways in which language use in imaginative texts, including use of figurative language – personification and alliteration

EN2-10C Thinking imaginatively, creatively and interpretively – Engage personally with texts

  • share responses to a range of texts and identify features which increase reader enjoyment

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