A book within a book – perfect for Grade 3!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 8.03.25 PMWolves by Emily Gravett provided the most wonderful platform to kick off for 2014 with Grade  3. The book not only aided discussion about Libraries and borrowing, it opened interesting discussion regarding what was happening to Rabbit as he read the book ‘Wolves’ selected from the Library. Some students were convinced that Rabbit had become so involved in the story he did not look where he was going and by chance ended up walking up the tail of the wolf, across his body, ending up on top of the snout! After some additional questions and thinking the idea ‘it all happened in the Rabbit’s imagination’ was provided by a thoughtful student.

NSW Syllabus Outcomes – English Stage 3:

EN2-1A Speaking and Listening 1 – Respond to texts

  • respond appropriately to the reading of texts to demonstrate enjoyment and pleasure

EN2-10C Thinking imaginatively, creatively and interpretively – Engage personally with texts

  • share responses to a range of texts and identify features which increase reader enjoyment

Excellent teachers notes and discussion prompts are available from Walker Books.

Premier’s Reading Challenge 3-4 Book.

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