Stage 2 Geography Earth’s Environment – Sustainability

The lessons I create for library sessions focus on literacy, information and digital literacy, and on the agenda digital technologies. More recently I have been focusing on tightening the focus of the teaching and learning experiences by thinking critically about my learning intentions. Other influences in my planning have been visible thinking routines and aspects of inquiry learning. I suppose I should just say I am changing the way I think, plan and create to adjust to the changes in education and scope of the Australian Curriculum.

Living Earth

My most recent unit aligns with Stage 2 Geography – Earth’s Environment – Sustainability. I wanted to create a series of lessons that would be helpful for students to gain skills in note-taking, summarising and synthesising information using a range of sources. I decided to focus mainly on organising information into a Mind Map, students are introduced to creating a Mind Map and are given opportunities to practice the technique.

The unit (lesson series plan and workbook) is available via my TES Resources page.

The series of lessons takes approximately 5 hours, this plan is for 5 x 30-minute sessions.

Provocation: How can people use places and environments more sustainably?

Series of seven activities based on:

  • Introduction using The Tomorrow Book by Jackie French
  • Food wastage
  • Climate change
  • Alternative energy
  • Indigenous Australian sustainable practices
  • Reflection/Evaluation

Key skills include gathering information from differing sources, note-taking, synthesising information, and creating Mind Maps. Students use a unit booklet which includes all the activities, one online Mind Map tool is used for the final task. Students reflect on their learning at the conclusion of the unit.

Key planning sources:
• NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum – Geography – The Earth’s Environment Stage 2 
• The series of lessons follow aspects of the Inquiry Journey Framework adapted from The Power of Inquiry by Kath Murdoch 2015, Chapter 5.
Learning intentions focus on knowledge, skills and understanding summary
Thinking Routines based on ideas from
Mind Mapping background information

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